Blue Flower

WhoSangIt is the result over over 50 years of song research by John Lehman, founder and CEO. WhoSangIt's mission is to enable music consumers to find the songs of their past, from a week to 90 years.

Neuroscience has proven that the songs we hear in our teen years, because of hormones, emotional and brain development, are the songs we store in our memories with the best staying power.

By far the easiest way to locate the songs that are in our memory, but whose names and performers we can't seem to remember, is by remembering a date ..  our birthdate, our graduations, or another significant event.

WhoSangIt uniquely opens the door to each of our song history books by showing us the songs that were popular, in popularity order, by style (pop-rock, r&b, country, easy listening) for any calendar date.

What's more, unlike most download / streaming retailers, all of our songs are the original singles, so there's no need to remember any other song details, or compare dozens of versions that appear online.