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every song, every artist, every label, every version, every date...every detail on single records in America from 1895 on..........."Sweet" Bands, Crooners, Torch Singers, Jazz and the Big Bands, Folk, Race Records, Rhythm & Blues, Country & Western, Pop, Doo-Wop, Hip-Hop, Rock 'N' Roll, Rockabilly, Dance Crazes, the British Invasion, the Motown Sound, Folk Rock, Acid Rock, Soul, Rap, garage....from Louis Armstrong's Hot Five to Stevie Wonder; from Ethel Waters to Adele.

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Can't find the classics, oldies, and goldies on Apple's iTunes Music Store, Rhapsody,, Pandora, Spotify, BuyMusic, MusicMatch, Dell's Jukebox, Napster, MusicNet@AOL or Streamwaves? Tired of CD albums full of cuts you don't care about???



Welcome Visitors and Song Researchers:

WhoSangIt brings you every song you heard on the radio, or on record, on nickelodeons and jukeboxes, or danced to, or otherwise listened to, from approximately 1895 on.

WhoSangIt presents EVERY single, individual records with one song (or rarely 2 or 3) on each side, from cylinders to 78’s to 45’s to cassettes to CDs. Early “albums” were a set of 78 rpm singles packaged together, ala a photograph album, and are contained here through their individual singles.

“Extended Play” (EP) 45 RPM records are also covered.

Kay & Johnny’s goal is to present the songs on every record, except those styles noted below, in the popular mainstream, organized by record label, and the popularity / release information on every song by calendar date. This songbase represents over 55 years of collecting and research.

To Classical, Sacred, Children’s Music, and Modern Jazz enthusiasts who do not finds their genres here, our apologies, and happy song hunting.

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