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Senior New Ways teachers photo
Senior New Ways teachers
Krista Meade and Marita Grudzen

Our Teachers

Susan Harlan, M.A., geriatric care manager, GeroCare Services;

Merrylen Sacks, M.A., gerontologist, Volunteer Coordinator, Redwood City Vetrans Memorial Senior Center;

Marita Grudzen, M.A., Stanford Geriatric Education Center;

Vivian Silva, M.S.W., gerontologist, Social Worker, Sunnyvale Senior Center;

Margriet DeLange, M.A., gerontologist, teacher, Foothill College, owner, Stories Unfolding;

Susan Diamond, M.S.W., M.S., owner, Total Brain Fitness™ ;

John Lehman, Senior New Ways Executive Director, musicologist ;

Ray Wilson, specialist in Native American flute and drum instruments;

Dana Stern, MA, gerontologist;

Krista Meade, gerontologist;

Dona Smith-Powers, home-visit training, Senior Health Chats;

Ginny Newberry, tai-chi, journaling, memoir writing;

Judith Pruess-Mellow, gerontologist, Ph.D.;