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Kathy, 44 " mom loves the music - she sings along, she remembers when the songs were new... I'm amazed at how much she knows..."

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Senior New Ways’ volunteers
Visit 12 residential care centers in Santa Clara County
with over 600 residents.
Our Memory Tune-ing music therapy touches 120 more at six centers every week!


Candace, 31 " grandpa was tapping his foot. I saw him doubled over with laughter... and he told me about being in World War II... he was so brave"

Hal, 50 "...she (my mother) would never miss her Senior Health Chat... she says 'I need them. I don't think I could have gotten through my fall without them'"




Memory Tune-ing Venues and Grant Sources

Memory Tune-ing Venues:

We are currently seeking Memory Tune-ing venues (day care, senior center, residential care memory units) Monday and Wednesday afternoons or Fridays at 10:00AM (Any TWO times per week). If your care center is interested in this phenomenal program, even other days / times, contact us at 650-468-5456 or

Grant Sources

Are you familiar with Bay Area private or public foundations that provide grants:

* for assisting the memory-challenged?

* For testing music therapies on the memory-challenged?

* For visiting and involving those isolated in residential care centers?

*For providing caregivers a resource group?

*For providing group whole health activities to those at home who can drive/be driven to regular events?

Please provide your contacts (foundations or persons) to us

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Memory Tune-ing Vintage Music Therapy for memory challenged Groups and Individuals

Our Memory Tune-ing Mission is to maintain/improve cognition-memory via guided listening, reminiscing and dancing to the songs of the participants’ teenage years.

What Is “Vintage” Music”? Your vintage music is the actual songs you listened to from age 13-19 on record or on the radio or at dances. Some people call them “Golden Oldies”. What an “oldie” or vintage music is depends on the individual.

Group Memory Tune-ing Therapy

Currently groups of 16-50 in residential care memory units or adult day care receive two one-hour listening, reminiscing and dancing sessions per week. The therapy is described in Group Memory Tune-ing Vintage Music Therapy

  • After over 40 months of testing on 50 persons, most with impaired memory from Dementia – Alzheimers, Parkinsons, PTSD, Stroke… Every person in the group Memory Tune-ing sessions either maintained or improved their standardized cognitive test scores.

  • Urge your loved one's care center, senior center, or day care center to start Memory Tune-ing Vintage Music group therapy sessions.

  • Senior New Ways Group Memory Tune-ing Session DVDs capture the group experience except for touch, which can easily be accomplished by caregivers.

  • See / Buy a Group Memory Tune-ing Therapy Session DVD  order DVD order memory kit

    iRemember Now

    Personal Vintage Music Memory Therapy Kits

  • For individuals who are unable or unwilling to participate in group sessions for any reason, the “iRemember Now” Kits replicate the audio part of the group sessions.

  • Over 720 top original recordings from 1939 – 1962 are available to be placed on a Mp3 player and made ready to use, at a small fraction of the price of commercial downloads. Kits are available in 10 year groups (300+ songs) and five year groups (150+ songs). The annual song sets available, and snippets, are shown in the song list.

  • For more information on iRemember Now kits see Kits
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