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Our Brochure

Our Memory Tune-ing Vintage Music Therapy Brochure

Our Vision/Mission

of those "65 and better" isolated
and / or memory challenged
in Adult Day Care,
in Care Centers, and those able
to attend programs at
Community venues.

At Senior New Ways,
our focus is on adults
living in residential care center
Memory units
Assisted living
nursing care
Those attending Day Care or Senior Center activities
Those able to attend whole health activities in the community
Caregivers to all those above


Senior New Ways volunteers


Those we serve come away from
our programs and activities
with the attitude:

"Somebody care about me. Aging isn’t so bad."


About Us

California nonprofit public benefit corporation
Incorporated in 2005
Tax ID 20-2535343

Senior New Ways Inc. is a 501(c)(3) that provides unique individual and group services and programs to enhance the dignity, life meaning, and whole health of adults “65 and Better”.

We provide Memory Tune-ing Therapy for groups and individuals. Our therapeutic approach has produced astounding results to date.

Group Memory Tune-ing is for groups at local adult day care centers, residential care centers, Alzheimer’s centers and community senior centers. Videotapes of our live Memory Tune-ing sessions are available for the homebound or others unable to attend the group sessions in person.

Our Personal Memory Tune-ing Therapy Kit for individuals launched in 2014 and provides an identical listening experience to the group sessions. We anticipate similar or improved test results because the Kit allows longer and more frequent periods of use, but we have just begun testing and test control with the Kits and volunteer caregivers.

We visit 600 local care center residents every month and we give each person we visit in individualized attention, respect, valuable information, understanding and support.

We provide caregiver resource groups for men caring for parents, spouses and children.

We provide monthly “health chats” for information, entertainment and group nurturing.

We have developed the "Coming Fully Alive" suite of over 50 entertaining and uplifting programs for groups in any private or community venue. The “Laughs and Brains” video is a live session from our laughter therapy program.

Our Approach

We exist for you and want to be your partners. Help us help you.
Senior New Ways provides ESSENTIAL HEALTH services to adults “65 and Better”, and their caregivers and loved ones. We want our services and programs to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and to attract donors, volunteers, partners, sponsors and children of adults 65 and “Better”, who share the commitment to addressing HEALTH concerns for those “beyond booming”. We are all aging, and our aging is rapidly outpacing our whole HEALTH “net”.

Our Philosophy
Adults “65 and better” have been polished by the trials and tribulations, joys and successes of their lives, and they have mountains of wisdom to share with each other and the rest of us. But as time passes, their careers, physical skills, parenting responsibilities and membership in neighborhoods end or decline. Senior New Ways aims to be YOUR surrogate / partner in a friend-family network for those who have none or are far away from loved ones. We help older adults lead happier & more fulfilling lives .. and when their dignity, sense of worth, and capacity are restored, when they are aware of the life still left in them, they are HEALTHIER, and their CARE needs are REDUCED.