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Senior New Ways Receives Grants!

Senior New Ways Receives 

We were awarded a one year grant (100 sessions plus memory testing) for our Vintage Music Group Memory Therapy Program at Bridgepoint at Los Altos! The grant was received from the Los Altos Community Foundation funded by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

We received a second grant from the Los Altos Community Foundation (David and Lucille Packard Foundation) to support Vintage Music Group Memory Therapy at the Grove Memory Unit, the Terraces at Los Altos beginning Feb 2014.

We have received two one-year grants from Beulah Older Adult Grant Fund Committee of the United Methodist Women of the California-Nevada Conference. These funds will be used to recruit, train and schedule volunteers in our Care Center Visitor Service. Also, we will start work on scrapbooks, photograph books, legacy audio and video records of interviews or stories/remembrances.